Monday, 1 December 2014

Banana Pi - the £28 cool dev board from China

specifications :
  • Allwinner A20  , Cortex -A7, dual core soc
  • 2x USB Hosts, 1x OTG
  • CSI & LCD/LVDS ports
  • 26 pin 0.1" header for GPIO - can mix and match GPIO, i2c, SPI, CAN 
  • HDMI , CVBS ports
  • SD slot (for  booting + rootfs)
  • SATA port
  • Gigabit ethernet port - ( PROPER eth port - unlike the Raspberry Pi shit)
  • IR receiver
  • 92mm x 60mm
.. and here it is, inside the cute acrylic case with the usb wifi dongle sticking out on the right.

click to enlarge

Want one? buy it from this shop - arrived in the UK in just six days. For more info, the manufacturer product page is here.

Time to roll the up sleeves and hack ..

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